Group Class Descriptions

The goal of all classes is to develop endurance, strength and flexibility.  There is no gimmicks and only minimal equipment at Pure Life Fitness. All group classes are typically 60 minutes long.  On warm days, classes will likely be held outside. Each class starts with a warm up, followed by 45 minutes of hard work with minimal rest, and finished with stretching. No class is the same as the day before, so you’ll never be bored, your body will always be challenged, and you’ll see consistent results! All exercises can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels and any injuries or conditions you may have. Pure Life Fitness members are all ages and have different levels of fitness. Will you “fit in” at Pure Life Fitness? Of course! Our members come from all walks of life including (but certainly not limited to) stay at home moms, business professionals, lawyers, nurses, farmers, teachers, runners, bicyclists, Ironman competitors, and Obstacle Course racers.  Some members come for the health benefits and fun, while others are training for endurance events.  Regardless of your fitness level or goals, Pure Life Fitness has a class for you – so try one today!
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Total body workout providing strength and endurance, your core will be engaged for the whole hour. Release your beast and frustrations! No “whiffing” in the air here! You use free standing heavy bags for real kicking and real punching. Following a 5 minute bag warm-up, you’ll will move through intervals combining bag work and various strength training exercises using body weight and other tools. Note: Bag gloves or suitable hand protection is required and can be purchased locally at sporting goods stores or through Pure Life Fitness.
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Bring your physical performance in everyday life up a notch with this challenging class!  The TRX/Kettlebell, Bootcamp, and Noontime Energizer classes combine two proven training methods (TRX and Kettlebell) with various other strength and endurance building exercises (running, rowing, cycling) to deliver a total body work out. These classes focus on functional fitness – making you stronger and faster to meet the demands of everyday life.

  • TRX Suspension System are free hanging straps that use your own body weight for resistance. The TRX System works the entire body with an emphasis on your complete core, not just your abs.
  • Kettlebells are a unique weight with a large handle that allows you to hold on and perform constant dynamic movements. These dynamic movements involve your entire body creating a metabolic effect that builds strength and endurance.
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Fit Club is an advanced class that employs similar techniques as TRX/Kettlebell, Bootcamp and Noontime Energizer classes.  In the spring and summer, this class focuses on training for Obstacle Course races, such as Spartan and Tough Mudders but is open for all to participate!
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