I love the people, the routines, and challenges that lie ahead of me!

I have always belonged to a gym, did a little aerobics (yes, complete with the leg warmers!!), step classes, toning machines, got a little bored and ventured off to do a few 5k/10k road races. Then one day, I bent down to pick up something and heard my back snap! Diagnosis: bulging disks L4/L5 this put me out of commission for about 9 months.Finally I got my way back to exercising, but not with the same vigor I had before. I was so afraid that I would re-injure myself. Flash forward a few years, started watching the Biggest Loser, loved the show, and the “bootcamp” idea of exercising. Thank god, I found my own Bob Harper, in Brian Benoit!!! I admit, I was pretty intimidated when I first started kickboxing, but slowly I began to gain the confidence and looked forward to the next class. Brian continued to broaden the fitness experience by adding Kettle bells, TRX, tractor tire flips, chin ups (well, you get the picture) to our routines, and before you know it, I felt strong, motivated, positive, and my back stopped hurting! What I love the most, is that he walks the walk, he works out right next beside us and continues to motivate and encourage all the while. Pure Life Fitness has become my community, I love the people, the routines, and challenges that lie ahead of me! First one… Tough Mudder, May 2012~ this is my year, No excuses!

We recognize that reading in l2 is not the same as reading in l1, so in conectados, before students are exposed to authentic text and video, they are guided thesis writer through two preparatory activities estrategia and palabras.

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