I love the people, the routines, and challenges that lie ahead of me!

I have always belonged to a gym, did a little aerobics (yes, complete with the leg warmers!!), step classes, toning machines, got a little bored and ventured off to do a few 5k/10k road races. Then one day, I bent down to pick up something and heard my back snap! Diagnosis: bulging disks L4/L5 this put me out of commission for about 9 months.Finally I got my way back to exercising, but not with … [Read more...]

His commitment to my training and health has enabled me to go from a Size 20 pant size down to a Size 8!

I remember my first kickboxing class with Brian (over 2 year ago now) and there is no easy way to put this but it was INSANE. After the first minutes of the class, thoughts were streaming through my head that included: Wow this guy is crazy! Guess this will be my first and last class! I can’t do this and keep up! What was I thinking… Fast forward 2 years later, I am so grateful that I was not … [Read more...]

Brian is the best!

It sounds overly dramatic to say that someone changed your life, but Brian has truly changed mine. Two years ago, after having had a hip replacement, I was having a hard time even lifting my grandchildren and I decided something had to change. My friend Stasee was always talking about how much she loved her kickboxing class. Ihad never heard anyone so enthusiastic about working out. So I went … [Read more...]

I would HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone!

Brian’s kickboxing bag workouts are AWESOME!!!!!!!! This class in empowering. He’s a great teacher who makes the workout fun, challenging and never ever boring. I’ve taken a lot of classes in my life and this class is by far the BEST workout and the class that I enjoyed the most. I would HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone. - Wendy She thesis paper writing service uses these acquired tools in … [Read more...]

I have never felt more peace and exhaustion, it is a personal accomplishment completing his class!

Brian Benoit's class tested not only my physical condition, but my character and determination. Just when I thought I didn’t have enough motivation to finish one of the most challenging exercise sequences I’d ever experienced, Brian stepped up with enough encouragement to get the most out of me. As you pushed further and further into the class Brian seems to be right with you the whole time … [Read more...]

Brian’s classes are no joke and can take you as far as your willing to go!

Before Brian's class i had spent 10 years as a body builder and two years trying to undo body builder years. I was DONE! Nothing I tried interested me anymore and trust me, I've tried it all. Then I met Brian. My life changed for the better from that day on. His passion for what he does is infectious. The intensity of the advanced class was exactly what I needed. It's been 5 years of working out … [Read more...]