Brian is the best!

It sounds overly dramatic to say that someone changed your life, but Brian has truly changed mine. Two years ago, after having had a hip replacement, I was having a hard time even lifting my grandchildren and I decided something had to change. My friend Stasee was always talking about how much she loved her kickboxing class. Ihad never heard anyone so enthusiastic about working out. So I went to see Brian and immediately likedhim because he’s not your typical trainer who stands around with his clipboard yawning as he walks you through the machines. There are no machines.

So two years later and well into my fifties I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I never thought I would enjoy exercise (well, enjoy is actually a relative term) but I do, even though sometimes the word is synonymous with torture. Brian always mixes it up and always challenges me and always knows how to push me to my limit. He cares about his clients and wants everyone to achieve their goals. My money wouldn’t go nearly as far with a psychiatrist. Brian is the best!!!
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