Success Stories



Wow looking at my before picture to where I am now is incredible. The before pic was from 2012; 6 months after I had my second baby. I decided I had enough feeling awful about myself, and I decided to take charge of my life by changing it for the better. Meeting Brian Benoit and joining PLF was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since starting my workout journey I have lost 70 pounds and am so much stronger now. Doing things today I never thought possible! I was able to complete my first Tough Mudder and Spartan race last year, along with a few others, and am just looking forward to many more to come! This is just the beginning and I’m excited to keep being challenged, pushed, and motivated. Thank you, Brian, for always believing in me. You have completely transformed my life!


I remember my first kickboxing class with Brian (over 2 years ago now) and there is no easy way to put this but it was INSANE. After the first minutes of the class, thoughts were streaming through my head that included: Wow this guy is crazy! Guess this will be my first and last class! I can’t do this and keep up! What was I thinking…

Fast forward 2 years later, I am so grateful that I was not discouraged (after not being able to move 2 days after class!) and returned for another class. That first class was a wake-up call that highlighted how out of shape I was and I needed to take action for myself to become healthy and in-shape. Brian’s motivation and dedication to his clients is amazing, he considers his clients as friends and wants to each of them achieve success. His commitment to my training and health has enabled me to go from a Size 20 pant size down to a Size 8, to lose a total of 75 pounds (so far), and to reduce my overall body fat percentage by 15 percent. My whole lifestyle has changed as a result of working with Brian at Pure Life Fitness. Now, I can’t wait to go to Pure Life Fitness for Kickboxing, TRX and Kettlebell classes as well as my personal training session. It’s hard for me to even remember the person I was before this amazing transformation. “Victory belongs to those persevering! The road ahead may be long and painful, but if it means anything to you, it will be well worth it in the end!” It has been SO worth it for me!




My first class with Brian was over 4 years ago. Prior to that I thought I was in “good shape” – I worked out 3-4 times a week doing weights/cardio/interval training in a small group setting and in high school I played sports. My first class at Pure Life Fitness showed me how out of shape I actually was and how much my body had become accustomed to my exercise routine.  I wasn’t being challenged and so I wasn’t seeing progress.

After that first classes rude awaking (and nearly puking at the end), I committed to working out at PLF three times a week and started seeing improvements right away. A few months after my first class, I finished my first Tough Mudder.  A year later in 2014, I completed all 3 Spartan Races and finished the 19 mile Spartan Beast in Killington VT.  That race was one of the hardest, physically challenging, endurance tests I’d ever participated in.  I was so proud of myself and my friends from PLF who competed that day.

In 2015 I became pregnant with my first child and continued working out at PLF 3 times a week.  During my pregnancy, I still worked hard, using the same weights I was using prior to becoming pregnant, until I was about  32 weeks pregnant. After that point, I cut back to 2 times per week and lightened my weights.  At 41 weeks, 1 day I finally went into labor and 28 hours later I had my 8 pound, 1 ounce daughter via c-section. The amazing part was that 12 short hours after the c-section I was out of bed, walking laps in the hallway at the hospital, pushing my daughter in her crib while my husband followed diligently behind me with a wheelchair – a safeguard the doctors and nurses insisted on because there was ‘no way I’d get through a lap without needing a rest’. Two laps later with no rest break, I slowly walked back to my room, parked the crib, changed her diaper and got back into bed. The next day I managed to “get my laps in” 2 times and the day after that, 3 times.  I was discharged from the hospital a day early and was taking my daughter for walks in her stroller a week and half later.  Three weeks postpartum I was putting her in the Ergobaby and going to 2-3 mile walks in the woods with my 3 pugs. And I’m proud to say that nearly 4 weeks postpartum I have lost nearly all of the “baby weight”, with the exception of a few pounds  that should easily come off once I can lift weights again at PLF. My doctors have all agreed my recovery has been a lot faster than normal and its likely due, in part, to the physical condition I was in prior to birth.

Every body and every pregnancy is different.  I was fortunate that I was able to continue exercising throughout mine and was healthy from the beginning. However, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have had the recovery I did without being strong going into pregnancy, labor and delivery. I owe my speedy, complication-free recovery in part to the hard work I put in at PLF, all under guidance and coaching from Brian Benoit.  Once again, I have completed a physically challenging endurance test and succeeded, thanks to the programming and coaching at PLF.


If you’re looking for a gym that is more like a community, a place where effective training is built upon years of experience and knowledge, then look no further and check out Pure Life Fitness!
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