Brian Benoit

Meet Brian:

I’m happy to say that at age 53 I’ve been blessed with a love for activity and getting people to enjoy exploring how much more they can do physically. It’s very true that if you don’t have your health you really have very little.

During my days in high school and the military I was involved in team sports and martial arts. Making my way into the business world I saw myself getting a little slower and my 4 boys getting bigger and faster. Driving endless miles left me with back pain that eventually kept me from doing many of the things I loved.

Then one day I had to tell the kids I couldn’t come out and play with them because my back hurt too much. I heard that moment in my head for years. Six months of chiropractic work did nothing and then I was told” when you can do 250 crunches you won’t need to come back here”. It was at that time I stepped it up and became serious about making the time to stay in shape instead of starting and stopping and playing a painful game of catch up.

After several years of Tae Kwon Do practice I was asked to take over as the owner of my Karate school. My level of health and strength that I maintained made it possible for me to play with and coach my boys in soccer, basketball, track and volleyball. It felt great to be able to play with my kids instead of watching. I ran a half marathon and found that I didn’t want to run a whole marathon! But the point is I didn’t have to say I can’t do that.

I have now been a certified trainer since 2001 and I enjoy helping the people around me find that strength to get in shape and make the changes to stay that way and enjoy more of what life has to offer.

– Personal Trainer
– Kickboxing Instructor
– Kettlebell Instructor
– TRX Suspension Training Instructor
– Small Group & Club Fit Instructor

ISSA CFTIII since 2001

– 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do

-Over 20 years experience teaching all skills and fitness levels
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