About Us

Pure Life Fitness is a unique and cutting edge style fitness facility located in Hollis, New Hampshire.

This facility is not your everyday “gym” It’s RAW! There are NO machines, NO treadmills! It’s a place where you will workout hard and get the results you want!

How? You will get in the best shape of your life using your own body weight, kettlebells, free weights, and TRX suspension trainers, or with kickboxing bags!

Will you “fit” in at Pure Life? Yes! Pure Life offers Group and Personal training for all levels of fitness to prepare you for that next challenge and to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

What makes Pure Life different from all other fitness centers?

Each class is NEVER the same workout! Each class is creatively planned and structured in it’s own unique challenging manner. So, you’ll never be bored of the same “circuit” or same workout routine.
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